Tenancy Fraud

Orbit has a strong commitment to dealing with allegations of tenancy fraud in our role as a landlord.  We believe our homes should be let and occupied by those with a genuine need for social housing and not misused by others for personal gain. We recognise the importance of tackling tenancy fraud and acknowledge its effect and are committed to preventing and detecting it.

There are various types of tenancy fraud we deal with:

  • Fraudulently obtaining a social housing tenancy including: misrepresentation of identity and misrepresentation of circumstances
  • Non-occupation by a tenant as their principal home
  • Keeping a social rented home when they own another property which has not been declared and accepted
  • Abandonment
  • Unlawful Subletting of the whole of the property to a single household, or multiple sublets within one property
  • Unauthorised assignment
  • Key selling
  • Wrongly claimed succession
  • Failing to notify us when the tenant moves out or passes away 
  • Right to Buy and Right to Acquire fraud
  • Dishonest assignment

Please refer to our Tenancy Fraud Policy for further information.

To report a allegation of Tenancy Fraud please contact us.