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Tenancy fraud

The main type of tenancy fraud is where the tenant of an Orbit home sublets all or part of their home to a non-Orbit tenant so that they can make extra money illegally.

This is a problem because it reduces the number of homes available for people who really need an affordable home. It’s not fair and it’s illegal, and we’re working hard to prevent it. You can help too, by reporting anything you might see as suspicious. Simply complete our fraud report form and we’ll investigate.

What are the impacts of tenancy fraud?

Tenancy fraud has an impact on all of us. Most importantly, it limits the number of affordable homes that are available for people really who need them. There are other effects too. There can be an increase in anti-social behaviour in communities where homes are sublet or not occupied by the people they are meant to be and this can result in neighbourhoods that are not as safe as they could be. For Orbit, there is an increased risk of damage to our properties and rent loss. This means we have to spend more money repairing homes and less on investing in community projects.

Nationally, it is estimated that at least 4% or 100,000 housing association homes are affected by some form of tenancy fraud. This impacts on those people on the waiting lists, in temporary accommodation or looking to transfer to a more suitable home. The costs of tenancy fraud also impact on other government services such as the NHS and emergency services.

How can you help?

Be aware

  • Do you know your neighbours and who the tenant should be in their homes?
  • Has there been a change of occupants at a neighbouring property?
  • Do you notice any unusual activity from neighbouring properties?
  • Have you overheard any mention of the property being sublet?
  • Does the neighbouring property appear not to be lived in?

Report it

If you suspect tenancy fraud you can report this to us.

Your information will be dealt with in the strictest confidence. By providing your details, we can better tackle the tenancy fraud by contacting you for further information where required, as well as keeping you informed of progress of the investigation.

We will not use your details without your consent and there would be no pressure for you to be a court witness. In any case, with your assistance and full evidence, we would hope to successfully deal with the matter without the need for any legal action. If you choose NOT to give your details, this can hinder any investigation into the reports that you have made, the case could be given limited priority and the fraud could go undetected.

Reporting benefit fraud

If you are certain that the person that holds the tenancy is living in the home, but has other persons living at the address you believe have not been declared, this should be reported to the National Benefit Fraud Hotline.

Report tenancy fraud form

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