About us

Orbit is one of the UK’s leading housing providers, delivering more than 1,700 new properties each year. We’re an ethical company with a 50-year heritage, where people come first.

For over 50 years, our ethical approach to business has enabled us to re-invest our profits into our mission of building communities, ensuring every generation can live in a house that they can afford.

Our ethical and commercial approach stands on our values:

  • Partnership
  • Innovation
  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Excellence

Every penny of profit we make is re-invested to provide something extra: to create affordable homes in thriving communities that offers choice, aspiration and opportunity and that make a real and enduring difference to people’s lives.

Orbit’s 2020 vision is the manifesto for our part in tackling Britain’s urgent need for more homes. We build comfortable homes to last within communities that we support to thrive economically.

People first

We provide homes for more than 100,000 people and employ over 1,200 people across the south, east and midlands.

We’re passionate about listening, understanding and responding to what our customers need and want, and building the skills, partnerships, systems and technology to fulfil those desires.

Orbit is a welcoming, engaging and empowering company to work for, with a culture that embraces and helps colleagues to thrive and innovate in response to constant challenge and change.

Doing the basics really well

Above all, people want safe, secure, warm and affordable homes, where they can put down roots, be happy and make the most of their lives. So we offer a full range of high-quality properties to suit every stage of life, with flexible ways for customers to rent and buy.

Our size gives us the financial strength and stability to be efficient and competitive – and we’re constantly looking for ways to apply insight, reduce costs and increase value for money for customers. Orbit’s in-house consultancy, Service Matters, sells business advice and services to help other companies succeed, and generates extra income that enables us to do more.

We build to stay in communities, not walk away. So protecting and investing in the long-term condition and value of our customers’ homes is equally important. We spend around £70 million each year to upgrade and maintain our property assets, and regenerate neighbourhoods that need a boost.

Customers rightly judge us on the ease-of-use, reliability and effectiveness of our repairs, housing and other core services. So we actively engage with customers in a wide variety of ways – acting on their views and feedback to set and achieve high standards. We are pioneers in self-serve online and digital housing services.

Providing homes is just the start

We are ‘whole community’ players, committed to creating social value and positive places to live, learn and work.

We inject more than £3 million each year into skills, training, employment, health, digital inclusion, and money advice. We are also investing to make sure every Orbit home is warm, safe and well maintained. In our 50th anniversary year, we’re putting a special focus on tackling child poverty to give future generations a better start in life.

We support more than 70 apprenticeships and graduate opportunities each year, and contribute to dozens of community and volunteer projects with local agencies and groups. We help some of the most disadvantaged and vulnerable people in society (including those dealing with homelessness, domestic violence, financial hardship, disabilities and illness) to take control and improve their lives.

Partnership, innovation and influence

We’re part of the solution to the nation’s housing crisis. A bold, can-do company, with an appetite for risk and an instinct for fresh thinking and collaboration. We’re willing to lead, keen to try out new ideas and always ready to do things differently and better.

Building communities is a team effort, so almost everything we do involves cooperation and partnership. We’re open for business and ambitious to work with statutory partners, companies, institutions and individuals who share our vision and belief in the benefits of joint ventures and problem solving.

Orbit is a dynamic and respected voice at the highest level. We work closely with national, local and devolved government, enterprise partnerships, academics, industry and lobby groups to break new ground in policy and practice.

We’ve played a key role in making shared ownership a realistic option for thousands of households. And we continue to campaign for, develop and advance imaginative, flexible ways to provide people with the homes they need, at a price they can afford.

Orbit is a prominent and influential founding member of the West Midlands Housing Association Partnership – working with the West Midlands Combined Authority and Midlands Engine to drive growth, prosperity, skills, jobs and wellbeing, and tackle the region’s housing shortage.

Delivery with ethics

True partnership is about trust and everyone winning. So we stick to our promises and look out for the long-term interests of our customers and those we work alongside. We are entrepreneurs with ethics, who invest in and take care of our supply chain partners. Their success is our success.

Independently regulated by the Homes and Communities Agency/Homes England, we’re committed to the highest standards of governance, viability, accountability, service delivery and performance.

We are agile, swift at making decisions, generous with what we’ve got to offer and good to work with.

Orbit delivers.