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  • Brownsover Flats June 2015

    Brownsover Community Association

    Increased customer engagement, cohesive community, respect for area customers live in and reduction in fly tipping

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    Current Totals

    104hrs Pledged by 19 volunteers
    Application Deadline 30/09/2016
  • do it online (1)

    Customer Involvement Opportunities - Quick Response Team Member

    Members share comments, views, experiences and suggestions on current services and standards, how to improve service delivery and procedures

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    Application Deadline 01/07/2016
  • Northdown

    Northdown Road, Margate

    Nicer communal area for residents enabling them to make better use of the outdoor space and come together as a community

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    Current Totals

    15hrs Pledged by 3 volunteers
    Application Deadline 29/02/2016
  • Complaints Service Improvement Group

    Customers will meet face to face and discuss learnings from complaints and work towards improving customer satisfaction

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    Application Deadline 04/07/2016
  • Food Bank 2

    Coventry Foodbank

    You could help to ensure those people receive their emergency food parcel and can get on with dealing with whatever problems they have.

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    Current Totals

    453hrs Pledged by 72 volunteers
    Application Deadline 19/10/2016
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