NIBE Systems

NIBE systems have been designed to run entirely on electricity to provide heating and hot water.  This type of heat pump comprises of an electric ‘boiler’ and a heat pump, which recovers heat from the ventilation air.  Heat is recovered from the warm stale air extracted from the kitchen and bathroom and transferred via a heat pump to the radiators and hot water system. This system is designed to work 24 hours a day and includes a back up immersion heater which should only be used to ‘top up’ the heating and hot water requirements when the heat pump is unable to meet demand.

NIBE quick tips:

  • The boiler will operate the best if left running 24 hours a day, this maintains a constant temperature, rather than using extra energy to warm a room
  • You may benefit from changing to a flat rate electricity tariff. This will not have the extra cost for day-time electricity as economy 7.
  • Rather than adjusting the boiler temperature, use your radiator valves to adjust the temperature of each room.
  • Try to avoid using winter mode, as it could increase your energy bills.
  • Do not block the vents. Poor air flow can affect performance and damage the system.
  • Using the immersion heater will cost about 70 pence per hour please bear this in mind when using the hot water boost.
  • Remember to clean the filters every three months.

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