Apprenticeship, graduate and work experience opportunities

Apprenticeships, graduate programmes and work experience placements are an excellent way to gain the skills and experience you need to secure the job you want.

Orbit’s Work Inspiration Programme supports the organisation's 2020 Vision, to provide 10,000 training and employment opportunities by 2020, through delivering positive, meaningful and quality experiences for people who are joining the working environment for the first time.

If you are starting work with Orbit straight from school, college or university, or through routes such as Job Centre employment placement schemes, you could fall into one of the following categories:

  • Graduates
  • Apprenticeships
  • Internships
  • Work experience

Working with our partners we aim to attract, retain and further develop new talent throughout the organisation, to give more people the opportunity to get into work. 


Orbit has been delivering graduate placements throughout the organisation for a number of years. One of our approaches involves working alongside the Centre for Partnership in delivering their Graduate Employee Mentoring (GEM) Programme, which provides all graduates with the opportunity to study for a Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) Level 4 Certificate in Housing, in conjunction with a one year work placement at Orbit.

Aside from the GEM Programme, we also employ Graduates throughout our business whether this be to rotate around different areas or in a fixed role throughout their time with us. Don’t take our word for it hear what our current Graduates have to say about working for Orbit!

Our current Graduates

Craig Barnes, Graduate Contracts Manager

"A training program was created for my current role as Graduate Contracts Manager. This covered a lot and gave a good insight into the role itself. I have been working at Orbit for 1 ½ years and have been exposed to a lot and have learnt a lot more."

Charlotte Senior, GEM Research Officer

"As a Graduate on the GEM Programme, I am working on a 1 year placement at Orbit. The GEM Programme really appealed to me as you get to study alongside the work placement, and meet other like-minded graduates also working in the Housing Sector. As a graduate at Orbit, you are exposed to a lot of opportunities and they are really focused on making sure you get the most out of your placement. Any relevant development opportunities that come your way they are happy for you to get involved in. Having a mentor throughout the programme is really useful, and can help you get the most out of your placement – whether that’s talking about work, studies, development and even personal life, it’s great to have regular time to have these conversations with someone in addition to your line manager and team.

With the size and range of service areas at Orbit, there is a wide knowledge of the business to learn about. Orbit was great in handling how the graduates acquired this knowledge through a comprehensive induction plan that kept growing! Going out with Housing Officers, Operatives, visiting properties and spending time with a range of teams was certainly worthwhile and gave me a good grounding in knowing what Orbit does. Being new to the housing sector this was a really valuable experience. Whilst studying for the CIH Level 4 qualification as part of the GEM Programme, Orbit has been really supportive by giving me allocated study time and access to the professionals in the business, should I need any help."

Emily Rogers Corporate Services Graduate

"I was first attracted to the graduate programme at Orbit by the nature of the role. It offered me the opportunity to rotate around several areas of the business within my first year on the programme, as well as the opportunity to gain further experience in my area of choice during my second year. This seemed like the perfect opportunity for a recent graduate who did not yet know what career they wanted to pursue. The reason I became determined to secure this role was solely due to the company itself. I had never considered the type of organisation I wanted to work for before applying for this role, but as soon as I discovered Orbit, I knew that this was it. 

Since joining Orbit and beginning my journey on the graduate programme, I have gained a wealth of knowledge from each of the areas I have worked in. I started my journey in our customer service centre, which was a great introduction to the organisation as it allowed me to quickly learn about the work that Orbit do and highlighted just how important Orbit considers great customer service to be. I then moved to the IT department where I discovered the importance of IT and getting it right across the organisation, to both those working behind the scenes in our offices, as well as our housing officers on the front line directly facing our customers. The third department I moved to was the Academy where I became involved in several projects regarding the learning and development of our staff which helped me to understand the need for training in furthering professional development. I even got the chance to deliver some training myself! I am now currently in my fourth department, Procurement, whilst here I have learnt a lot about how important it is for the organisation to deal effectively with suppliers, including involvement in a project working on improving the way our new suppliers are on boarded. I have a further two departments to work in during my first year with Orbit, Business Services and Health and Safety. I am really looking forward to the further opportunities and experience I will undoubtedly gain from these departments.

Overall, I am excited about all that my time with Orbit will bring, as I am confident I will have gained enough knowledge and experience to help me successfully further my career, in whichever area I choose to pursue. I am extremely happy to work for this organisation and I am hopeful that I will remain with Orbit beyond my time on the graduate programme."

Aimee Longley, Graduate Land Buyer

"I found the interview process very good and effective. Communication was excellent and the interviewers made me feel at ease and gave a great introduction to the company.

My line manager set up a great induction process, which gave me the opportunity to meet lots of people both internally and externally, and I learnt a lot very quickly. All staff in the development team have been extremely welcoming and able to answer any questions or give guidance. I was able to shadow multiple teams within Property Investment which helped me to understand the entire process of house building and selling.

We are in the process of finalising a Graduate development programme which gives steps on how I will progress onto the next stage of my Land Buying career. This will be useful to have once it has been approved to monitor progress.

Orbit has also been very supportive in allowing me to complete a MSc Urban and Regional Planning at Birmingham University on a part time basis. I attend university one day a week, and I am getting support in research for my final dissertation. Furthermore, I attend lots of training and networking events with other sectors of the industry which Orbit support and encourage.

I love working for the development team at Orbit as it has given me an in depth and thorough introduction to Land Buying and the house building industry. Orbit is supportive in helping me progress my career, and although I am still learning, I feel like a respected and recognised member of both the development team and Orbit as a whole."

For more information on the GEM Programme, click here.


Orbit's apprenticeship opportunities are open to everyone age 16 or over.

Apprenticeships are an excellent way to gain the skills, experience and qualifications you need to secure the job you want, while getting paid. Orbit currently has apprentices based within the following areas across the organisation:

  • Income Services
  • Property Maintenance
  • HR/Academy
  • Housing
  • Community Investment
  • Finance
  • IT 

Orbit also works closely with external partners to develop further apprenticeship opportunities and work placements. Our partners include Willmott Dixon, Mitie and Miller Homes to name a few. 

Listen to Ryan’s story and find out how becoming a Mitie apprentice through Orbit made him happier and more confident.

Listen to Tom’s journey and find out how he progressed from Housing Apprentice to Performance Analyst.


An internship provides you with an opportunity to gain meaningful and relevant professional experience before embarking on a career. Internships are time limited work placements that offer an introduction to a particular field of work whilst enhancing your employability and skillset. 

Internships are suitable for:

  • Undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students whereby internships may take place during holiday periods or a ‘sandwich’ year which is normally a specific course requirement.
  • Students who are in further education, for example sixth form, colleges and adult education institutes whereby internships may take place during holiday periods.
  • Adults wishing to pursue a new career path that may or may not have attended further or higher education. 

An internship at Orbit can last between a minimum of 3 months and 12 months (but no longer than 12 months). There are two separate options for perspective interns to choose.

Option 1 – Internship 3-12 months

Undergraduate, graduate and post graduate placements, students in Higher Education, adults wishing to undertake a new career path could all be considered for internships.

Option 2 – Sandwich placement (12 months)

A sandwich placement for a student is typically 12 months of work experience taken as part of a student’s degree, which normally forms the third year of a four year undergraduate degree programme.

Work Experience

Orbit, in conjunction with our partners, offer a range of work experience placements to customers and students living in our communities.

We have two types of work experience available. The first is for young people from local schools and colleges who are aged between 14-18 years old and the second is aimed at adults who require work experience to develop skills to enable them to secure employment.

Following a two week work experience placement, an a-level student from Coventry said: "If I had the opportunity I would like to come back here. More work experience? An apprenticeship? A full-time job? I don’t know yet, but the idea will always be there. I have enjoyed these two weeks more than I expected and I’m very thankful for the opportunity." 

All placements are agreed for a fixed, limited period of time providing you with a clear snapshot of what it is like to work in a particular field.

If you would like to find out more, or you are not sure what you would like to do, please get in touch with Lisa Massey from Orbit Academy to talk through your options.