Thank you for choosing to use our website today; we apologise for the delay in getting though to our contact centre during this busy time. By using our website you can raise a repair, check you account or send us a message.


Make a payment

As an Orbit customer, you are responsible for making sure that charges, such as rent and service charges, are paid on time.

You can pay rent, service charges and other charges using the following methods:

More information about other payment methods we accept and welfare benefits payments is available from the Ways to pay section.

You can check your balance anytime via My Account.

Help with managing payments

If you are struggling to meet your payment responsibilities, please get in touch with us as soon as possible.  We can work with you to agree a payment plan if you are having difficulties.

We work with partners including Citizen's Advice to provide impartial budgeting advice - you can find out more about our help and support services on the Better Days website.

Missed payments will mean increasing your level of debt. If necessary, we will stop providing services to you and will take legal action to recover our costs and property.