Help save our planet

We’re working hard to make sure that the work we do as a business is environmentally friendly. This includes:ALL Orbit Earth Logo

  • Taking responsibility for our impact on the environment
  • Taking action to reduce this impact, and
  • Finding more sustainable ways of doing things.

By taking small steps as individuals, together we can help make positive change.

You can get involved with these five simple steps:

  • Recycling – recycle as much of your waste as possible including clothes and electricals, check the guidance on your bins or visit
  • Save - save energy at home by switching off appliances when not in use, replacing light bulbs with energy saving LEDs or reducing your shower time by one minute, for more tips visit
  • Reuse– reuse your plastic bags or better still, use canvas bags instead. Invest in a reusable water bottle or coffee cup to take on the go.
  • Reduce – try walking, cycling, using public transport or car-sharing when you can to reduce your car usage. This can really help boost your wellbeing too!
  • Think twice – take a second to think twice about the choices you make day-to-day. Switch to paperless banking, say no to plastic straws and make sure your car tyres are fully inflated.