Keeping our blocks safe

Your safety is our priority. This includes looking after our buildings in a way that reduces risk and training our employees on fire safety.ALL-Keeping -our -blocks -safe

Areas in blocks of flats need to be especially well managed and this includes indoor and outdoor communal areas as well as escape routes in corridors lobbies and stairwells. Items stored in these areas create a real fire risk, so we have made the decision that from now on we are going to keep these areas completely clear. This is so that if fire and rescue services ever need to attend to a fire in your building, they need to be able to get to the fire quickly, without anything preventing them from doing so.

Between now and 1 May, we ask that you remove any personal items that may be in your hallways or in your communal garden. If you live in one of our blocks, keep an eye out for a letter with more details on what this means for you.

For more general fire safety advice, please visit safety.