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Apprentice Spotlight

Welcome to our new Apprentice Spotlight feature that shines the light on our amazing apprentices, sharing what they do and their experiences at Orbit so far.

Meet Ryan Lucas, Junior IT Systems Support Analyst who joined us in September 2016 and was offered a full time role after he completed his apprenticeship in September 2018.

What does your job involve?

My job role involves providing support to Orbit employees across the country. I am a member of the application support team, which specialise in supporting the programs used across the organisation; I feel this is an important role as I ensure that people are able to keep doing their jobs with the tools and programs they need to do them.

Why housing?

I had no prior knowledge of the housing sector before joining Orbit. When I applied I saw that Orbit was a medium sized business but was expanding quickly and thought it would be a good place for me to develop and learn as the organisation grows.

Most interesting part of your job?

I enjoy new challenges and dealing with unique problems/requests that I haven’t dealt with before as this allows me to expand my skillset, making me more valuable to the team and to Orbit.

Pet peeve about your job?

When I cannot help one of my colleagues with the issue they’re having. I find it very frustrating as I always want to be able to help people and provide support, so when I can’t I try to find a solution.

Top 3 things about working at Orbit?

  1. Orbit day! An extra day off over Christmas is always appreciated.
  2. Friendly and supportive colleagues across the organisation and my department.
  3. Regular events and activities put on by management/senior leadership team that promote teambuilding and networking, like Sports Day, Stars in Orbit and regional Christmas parties.

Your experience of an apprenticeship at Orbit?

I learnt an incredible amount while on my apprenticeship and even moved into a new team, where I am constantly learning and developing my skillset. Overall, the apprenticeship has been incredibly valuable to me and I’ve had some great experiences while working at Orbit and hope to continue working and developing within the organisation!

If you were Chief Exec for the day, what would you do?

Go home before anyone else and avoid the traffic jams at Garden Court! Ha-ha. Jokes aside, I would like to get experience of how it feels to manage a large company and the pressures and trials that you have to face.

Fun fact about you?

People that know me would say I am a bit of a nerd, especially when it comes to video games, football, history or any of my other hobbies!