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Voluntary Right to Buy

Voluntary Right to Buy West Midlands Pilot

We can confirm that Orbit will be taking part in the Voluntary Right to Buy Pilot in the Midlands, which we are expect to commence this summer. We are still awaiting confirmation of the launch date, and will inform customers as soon as further information becomes available.


The 2015 Conservative Party manifesto pledged to extend the Right to Buy to people living in housing association properties. The Government tested the principles of the scheme between January 2016 and July 2017, the findings of which have been published. A large-scale regional pilot of the VRTB was announced by Government in the Autumn Budget 2017. It was confirmed that the pilot would take place in the Midlands, starting at some point in 2018. The pilot will provide more information to Housing Associations and the Government before the scheme may be launched nationwide.