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Orbit launches online package of money making tips

Orbit, one of the UK’s largest housing associations, has teamed up with digital and financial inclusion education provider, We are Digital, to help thousands of people battling the post-Christmas financial hangover.  

‘Earn it, don’t burn it’ is an online package of 100 free tips and tricks for reducing spend and increasing income, aimed at engaging and educating customers before they reach crisis point.

The launch comes at a time when Citizens Advice report more than 370,000 people will seek help on a range of financial problems over the next few months as people face post-Christmas debt and a flood of New Year bills.

Orbit, which manages 40,000 homes, estimates 5,000 of its households are struggling with money at any given time. This financial intervention project is expected to have a positive impact on its customers. The package of financial support includes tips from how to earn money online, to written scripts to help customers negotiate up to 50% off their energy and TV bills.

Over the next two years, more than 1,400 Orbit customers will receive support through ‘Earn it don’t burn it’ across seven regions, including north Warwickshire, Thanet and Kettering.

Around 200 customers per year will also be given a free 12 month subscription to financial app Squirrel, which has already proven to help people save the money they earn.

Sam Scharf, head of community investment at Orbit, said: “We are very excited that we have a partnership of experience, innovation and energy that can bring something new to the sector and help the thousands of people struggling to manage their money and pay bills, especially after Christmas.”

One customer from Thanet said: “I haven’t been a part of a financial capability programme before but at this stage, given my difficult personal circumstances, I would like to learn more about budgeting and how I can use digital resources to help with this.

“This will not only help me bring in a bit more money but will help to introduce me back into the community and become a bit more sociable.”

In the last year alone Orbit has provided more than 2,200 customers with free financial advice. From supporting those who may need a little extra help with budgeting and managing debt problems, to ensuring they are receiving the right benefits to maximise income.  

Matthew Adam, managing director of We are Digital, said: “I believe that digital technology offers opportunities in improving financial wellbeing that have not yet been fully explored, whether this is customers earning more money or clever ways to save.”

The project is delivered through a network of partners including local Citizens Advice, Anglia Care Trust and Squirrel, the financial budgeting application. 

For more information please visit and search #Earnitdontburnit to find how out how you can sign-up today.