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Helping our customers get online at home

Orbit customers can apply for free digital skills support to be delivered in their own home.

Our At Home Support service is run in partnership with Horizon Community Learning and We Are Digital and is tailored for Orbit customers who find it difficult to access local computers to improve their digital skills.

So far the At Home Support project has provided support to 155 customers, with another 100 customers booked in for training sessions in the coming months. 
A recently carried out independent evaluation of the service showed definite, positive outcomes that the training has for our customers.

Testimonials from customers who have already received support show what an amazing knock on effect this project can have. Anne, an Orbit Heart of England customer, has used the service to help her get online for the very first time.

Orbit helped Anne by providing her with a laptop through our Super Surfer grants and visits from our At Home Support service, which focuses on developing digital skills.

After receiving the free training, Anne has made great steps in ensuring that she is no longer feeling socially isolated and, in her own words “It’s opened up a new door on the world for me… I’ve realised what I’ve been missing.”

The service is currently available in Bexley, Norwich, Hastings, Thanet, Northamptonshire, Coventry and Warwickshire, and will be ending in September 2016.

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