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Shortlisted at 2016 TPAS Central Awards!

We are delighted to announce that “Positive Pathways”, a project we are funding in partnership with Whitefriars Housing and Youth Music in Coventry has been shortlisted at the 2016 TPAS Central Awards in the category of Excellence in Youth Involvement.

Positive Pathways is a unique and exciting programme run by Wild Earth and engages NEET young people in a pathway of developing interpersonal skills, confidence, employability skills or further education. This is carried out through a unique blend of activities, including survival skills, music making, anti-knife crime sessions, mentoring schemes, employment skills and ongoing support.

Young people are affected by multiple barriers such as, worklessness, mental health, debt or benefit dependency, history of offending, lack of qualifications or work experience, low aspirations and low levels of literacy or numeracy. This highly innovative programme offers young people a life-changing experience providing tailored support for the people who take part. Life skills they have developed include:

  • Managing and coping with challenges

  • Communicating with parents, employers and agencies

  • Greater resilience to overcome barriers to seeking employment and staying in employment

  • Reduced intake of drugs and alcohol

  • Healthy eating and lifestyles.

The words of young people bring the impact of the programme to life:

“If it wasn’t for this course, I wouldn’t be alive…I looked at myself and thought ‘this isn’t the guy who was lying in bed all day.’ I felt like I was somebody else.”

“As I was leaving jail I never thought anyone would accept me and give me a chance. This course has made me realise what I can do if I work hard.”

“I have been in jail five times, and been on so many youth offending courses but this is the best thing I have done.”

“This course has been good for my self-expression and self-reflection abilities.”


The winners will be announced on 4th March.

To find out more about Wild Earth: Facebook – WildEarthUK