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Orbit East customers find it neat on Silent Street!

Silent Street, an Orbit East supported housing scheme in Ipswich for people with hearing and learning disabilities, received a makeover thanks to the efforts of Orbit staff, Craftsman Furniture, RG Maintenance and electricians, Martin Gilbert. Mo Mayhew, Housing Officer for Silent Street, decided that the communal lounge needed some attention and worked with partners to transform the room to make it a more comfortable space for customers to use and enjoy.

Mo has created and maintained good working relationships with the regular contractors and suppliers the team use. She managed to secure a discounted rate for most of the works carried out at Silent Street, making this better value for money for the customers. Martin Gilbert worked closely with the sensory team within social services to understand the best lighting needed for our customers. They efficiently ordered and fitted the lighting with minimal disruption.

When complete, the room had received a full re-decoration, new flooring, new furniture and plants. Mo also arranged for some specialised lighting to be fitted, which will have a huge positive impact on how this room is used. Before hand, the customers in the scheme found it difficult to share the communal lounge as one specific customer had to have the lights on full, whilst another customer couldn’t cope with it. The lighting has been updated to allow different settings through out the day, allowing them to sit together with lighting suitable for all.

To celebrate its completion, on Thursday 22 October Mo arranged for an afternoon tea at the scheme. Everyone involved was invited along to see the final results of their hard work and to meet the people who will be using the space. Customers were proud to show off their new lounge to those that attended, and everyone enjoyed the cakes and refreshments which Mo had laid out.

Neil Coote, who lives at Silent Street, says: “Our new lounge is beautiful and we can now all sit together and enjoy time outside of our rooms. I am proud to show it to my family and friends who visit me”.

Mo Mayhew, the Orbit East Housing Officer responsible for the makeover, says; “I am extremely impressed with the completed lounge. I have given a huge thanks to all who were involved. The customers are so pleased with the end result and they are looking forward to finishing this off, putting their own personal touches by choosing some art on the walls.”

Silent Street is an Orbit East supported housing scheme in Ipswich which is home to five customers with hearing and learning disabilities. United Response provides the 24 hour, seven days a week support, and work with Orbit customers to ensure they live the most independent lives they can alongside their disabilities. Orbit offers a range of affordable housing options to enable customers to live according to their housing needs and aspirations.