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IKEA LAGOM project

If you’re a member of the IKEA Family, you can apply to take part in their LAGOM project which is looking at how to live a more sustainable life at home.

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IKEA believe the secret to a happier, more sustainable life at home is living LAGOM. It comes from the Swedish phrase ‘lagom är bäst’, which means enjoying what you love, while not taking more than you need. And now they’re looking for households up and down the country to join their Live LAGOM project, to show the world how easy and affordable it can be.

If chosen to take part, you’ll be given expert advice and guidance, plus £500 to spend on IKEA products that help you save energy and water, reduce and recycle waste, and live more healthily.

During the project, you’ll be asked to share your experiences online on the Live LAGOM blog, to help inspire others to make changes in their own homes.


If you’re interested,  you can find out more here.

If you decide to apply, you should then send an email to: with your name and IKEA number (stating that you are an Orbit customer).

Please note that the deadline for entries is Friday 16 October