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Annual Report to customers 2014-15 now live

The customer annual report 2014-15 is now live and available to read on the website.

You can read through the whole annual report and learn about our performance figures, what we did in last year and what we plan to do going forward. Or you can go to a particular section (Estate Services or Community Investment, for example) and, in addition to the information on that particular web page, you’ll see a section on the annual report that relates to that area.

Our focus is on what matters to customers and how we can improve those services and, therefore, improve customer satisfaction.

This is a new way of producing the customer annual report. Putting it on the website makes the information more widely available to customers; gives richer content to the website and saves money because we’ve done the work in-house and we’re not printing 24 page documents. The four page summary will be available in a print format as part of the autumn issue of ‘Orbit Life’, your customer magazine.