From Monday 19 February we will be inviting about 1,800 of our customers to take part in our survey. This is a short telephone survey being carried out by a company called Marketing Means. Completing this survey provides you with an excellent opportunity to tell us ‘what matters’ to you.

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What Matters Survey

Orbit offers a number of ways for you to give feedback about the services you receive.  

Between 27 April and 5 June 2015 we will be inviting around 3000 customers across Orbit to take part in an annual telephone survey. The survey is being conducted by a company called Marketing Means on our behalf. This short survey provides an opportunity for you to tell us What Matters to you.

If you are contacted to take part in the survey we do hope you will take a few minutes to share your views. Your thoughts and comments do help to continually improve the services we provide for you.