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Orbit and slenky team up to give young people a new ‘shot’ at getting into work

A unique model that offers young people the chance to chase their career dreams and aspirations is about to land in the West Midlands.

Orbit has teamed up with slenky, a social platform organisation that searches for the best ‘shots’ available for 13 to 24-year-olds and connects them directly to organisations and individuals in the business world.

‘Shots’ range from work experience placements to internships and apprenticeships in various industries such as fashion, technology, arts and music through slenky’s key partners which include Sky, Sony and Microsoft to name but a few.

Orbit has committed to support slenky from its community investment fund which is designed to help create thriving and empowered communities whilst supporting Orbit’s customers and helping them make positive changes in their lives.

slenky CEO Cec Richards grew up on a Wembley council estate and is clear in his belief that young people need different support and routes to discover what’s out there; who’s interested in them; and how to take their ‘shot’.

Cec said: “Talent and aspiration isn’t exclusive to young people from affluent neighbourhoods; but contacts, informed support and the skills to navigate to opportunity are definitely advantages they can exercise to take steps forward. “We took a look at TakeYourShot slenkasters and 80% lived in social housing - brilliant young shot-seekers who’ve now connected and moved closer to fulfilling their potential – many from the Midlands.

“We’ve simply sought to disrupt the out-dated routes to opportunity by making it a digital, social and based on content on the devices young people are immersed in and this next phase is all about smartphones."

Sam Scharf, Head of Community Investment for Orbit Group, said: “Partnerships like this with slenky are key to helping us achieve our 2020 community investment aspirations of helping more people into training and employment. This is a unique opportunity for us to appeal to younger people through a platform that is tailored to their needs. We are currently looking at how we can create more training and employment opportunities through our supply chain and this gives us the opportunity to present those in a way that is engaging to young people.”

So if you’re Interested in being a part of the most innovative housing project of 2015, contact the slenky team on 020 8434 0580 or email project manager Mike Orchard It’s time for social housing’s youngsters to get their chance - and take their shot!