Please note we will only be dealing with emergencies between 22nd December and 1st January. The lines will be very busy on the 2nd and 3rd January and unless you are calling about an emergency please call later in the week or visit your myAccount home page at, where you can check your account, send a message or raise a repair.


Maintaining your communal spaces

We believe that you can’t take pride in your home and your community unless your local area is well looked after.

We make sure that communal spaces we manage are well maintained. This includes the grounds and shared spaces in and around residential blocks.

Maintenance is carried out on a scheduled basis. You can also let us know if repairs are needed in your home or in a communal area.

Services we carry out in communal spaces include:

  • grounds maintenance, such as grass cutting;
  • cleaning of corridors, lobbies and other shared spaces; and
  • management of trees on communal land.

Our services are delivered through Orbit teams and contractors. You can find out more about the standards of service you should expect from them.