Carrying out your own home improvements

Permission for improvements in homes rented from us

If you rent a home from us and wish to make improvements to your home, you'll need to apply for permission from us so we can check that the changes you wish to make won't cause issues that affect the property.

Once you have completed the form, please return it to us:

  • by post; or
  • by email (with a scanned copy of the completed form) to

Changes that require permission include:

  • Putting up a TV or radio aerial or satellite dish
  • Replacing a fireplace and/or surround
  • Building a porch
  • Installing extra kitchen cupboards
  • Installing a driveway or car port
  • Decorating the outside of the building
  • Installing central heating
  • Changing the structure or layout of the property

Where we do give permission, you must ensure that any changes involving electrics or gas are carried out by an appropriately qualified professional.

You must also keep yourself and your household members safe – do not carry out authorised improvements if you are not sure it is safe to do so or has been assessed as safe by a qualified professional. You can find out more about some risks around the home on our home safety page.

If authorised improvements have been made by you shortly before you move out of the property, we may offer you compensation where the improvements add value.

Improvements to leasehold, shared ownership and HomeBuy homes

You need our consent to carry out structural alterations and improvements to your home. We don't need to know about minor works such as redecoration or plumbing repairs but if you are in any doubt, please contact us.

Please complete the alterations request form (pdf, 175KB) and return a scanned, signed copy to us by email to or to our postal address.

We will ask you to ensure that you have all the relevant planning and building regulation permissions and may need to see copies. We will not unreasonably withhold permission but some leases have certain restrictions.

Depending on the complexity of your proposals, we may charge an administration fee to cover the cost of work involved in considering your application. A visit from our surveyors may be necessary. Please see the administration charges leaflet (pdf, 353KB) for more information.

It is important that you obtain our consent before carrying our works. If you come to sell your property and consent hasn't been granted for alterations, or if we find works have been completed in an unsafe manner, you may have to return the property to it's original state at your own cost. 

Improvements to freehold homes

If you own the freehold to your home you will not normally need our permission to make improvement, but sometimes permission is needed for changes to the outside of a home. This is to protect the look of an area and might be because of planning rules. We will charge an administration fee for agreeing to any changes. Details can be found in the administration charges leaflet (pdf, 353KB).

You can find details of any restrictions on the freehold transfer or property title from the Land Registry. Please contact your Leasehold Officer if you have any questions.