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Water leaks and frost damage

Leaks and burst pipes inside my home

You can book a repair for water leaks if you rent your home from us. Please check the information about your repair responsibilities before making a booking - some minor issues may be your responsibility.

You can also find useful advice by viewing our fix it videos.

In the event of a leak or burst pipe:

  1. Turn off the mains supply stopcock.
  2. Turn on all taps and flush the toilet to drain as much water as you can from the system.
  3. Contact us by phone to arrange assistance.

If the leak is from a damaged pipe/joint, try to put the pipe back into the joint and tie it tightly with a piece of cloth. If the pipe is split or has a hole, find a piece of something soft like Plasticine or soap and fix this to the hole with a piece of rag or tape. Put a bucket or saucepan underneath to catch the water.

Water is coming through a light fitting – what should I do?

Do not attempt to touch it or switch it on. Contact us by phone immediately for assistance.

Avoiding leaks and burst pipes in cold weather

Cold weather can freeze in pipes and cisterns and can cause serious damage to your home and your possessions. Ice takes up more space than water causing cracks in the plumbing. The damage may not be noticed until thawing occurs and water leaks out.

You can minimise the risk from frozen plumbing:

  • Keep your home reasonably warm at all times. Before winter comes, check that all water pipes and tanks in the roof or outside are insulated. If there are problems, please contact us.
  • If you are going to be away from home for a few days or more during cold weather and your home has an automatic heating system leave it on at a low temperature to avoid the system freezing up. Where this isn't possible you should turn off the mains water stopcock, and drain all the water from the system by turning on all the taps and flushing the toilet.
  • When you return turn on the mains water stopcock and check that the taps are operating properly.

I’ve been away, and my central heating is not now working – what should I do?

If you have turned on your central heating and the radiators are not getting hot, turn your heating off and on again. If this doesn't help you can book a repair.

Where one radiator stays cold, or only heats up at the bottom, you probably need to bleed the air out with a radiator key. These can be bought from a DIY store or hardware shop - it is a good idea to keep one handy. However, if you have a pressurised system with a pressure gauge on the boiler, do not attempt to drain it or change any of its settings because this will shut down the boiler. If you have a system like this and the radiators are not working, you can book a repair.

Water leaks outside your home and water supply issues

If you experience issues with loss of water supply to your home, you should contact your water supplier in the first place.

If you live in a residential block managed by us, you can let us know about water supply issues by booking a repair.