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Anti-social behaviour

We believe that all residents have the right to live peacefully in their homes and recognises the distress that anti-social behaviour can cause to individuals, families and whole communities.

What is anti-social behaviour?

Anti-social behaviour is behaviour that unreasonably interferes with other people’s rights to the use and enjoy their home and community. Anti-social behaviour ranges from serious acts of violence and harassment to issues such as barking dogs or overgrown gardens.

You can find out more about what issues may be considered as anti-social behaviour, and what may not be, in our information sheets.

Before making a complaint to us, consider whether you can resolve the issue yourself by talking to your neighbour. They may not be aware that their behaviour is upsetting you. You can download and use our 'Dear Neighbour' card (pdf, 414KB).

How to report anti-social behaviour

From our experience the best long term solutions are achieved when those involved talk to each other about their concerns. We can give you advice on how to approach your neighbour so that you have the best chance of successfully resolving the problem.

Where this is not possible, or there is a risk of violence, you can contact us any of the following ways:

If you are at immediate risk of harm, or you can see that someone else is, contact the police using the 999 number. You can also report information to the police using their non-emergency 101 or contact your local neighbourhood policing team.

How we respond to reports of anti-social behaviour

We will deal with complaints of anti-social behaviour in a consistent, effective and professional way.

The type of action we can take will depend on our responsibilities and powers as a landlord. Our response will often involve working in partnership with other agencies such as the police, environmental health, social services and local mediation services.

We will always talk to you before closing your case and write to you when we have resolved or closed it.

The types of support we can provide may include the following.

Action plans

Where we draw up an action plan, it is likely to cover the following:

  • Arranging for you to keep a diary of events. This is very important as the information may be used as evidence in court at a later date.
  • Agreeing which other agencies need to be involved.
  • Arrangements for contacting other witnesses.
  • Arrangements for keeping you informed.
  • Setting a date for when the case will be reviewed.

The action we can take depends on the type of anti-social behaviour that has caused the complaint. Actions could include:

  • Visiting the perpetrator and liaising with both parties to try and resolve the issue.
  • Involving other agencies such as the police, environmental health and social services.
  • Arranging independent mediation.
  • Negotiating acceptable behaviour contracts.
  • Taking legal action to obtain an injunction, demotion order, Anti-social behaviour order or a possession order.

Cases can take a long time to resolve due to the time it takes to gather evidence and the time it takes to go through the legal process. However, we will do as much as we can as quickly as we can, but we will need your cooperation, patience and help to try and resolve the problem.

Please help us try and resolve your complaint by:

  • Responding to our phone calls and other contacts.
  • Being available for meetings or home visits.
  • Collecting information on the nuisance behaviour and returning incident log sheets.

If, after several attempts we cannot contact you, we may have to close the case.

Please be aware that we only take legal action in severe and persistent cases and we usually work with people causing the problem in the first instance, to help them to change their behaviour. This may take time. However, we will keep you informed of progress throughout the case.

Further support

You can find information about local police and community safety organisations on the Home security page. Organisations such as Victim Support can also provide further advice and support.

If you rent a property from us we can help in a number of ways including:

  • arranging extra security for your home such as additional lighting, new door locks, spy holes and door chains;
  • working with the police to help improve your security and help you feel more secure; and
  • if you have to go to court, we will support you before, during and after the court hearing. This includes arranging a visit to the court before the hearing, arranging transport to and from the court and being with you throughout the process.

Report anti-social behaviour

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