What is my service charge made up of?

We provide a range of different services to customers. The types of services may depend on what type of property you live in and if you rent or own your own home and what is in your agreement. Customers who live in a flat are likely to receive more services (such communal cleaning and a door entry service). Customers who live in a house may just pay towards to costs of gardening for a communal area. 

Sometimes there is a mixture of different types of properties in the same area, so all the customers will pay towards charges that everyone receives. Customers who live in a block of flats will pay for the services that relate to their home.  A picture illustrating of what makes up your service charges can be found here

For more information about what type of costs are included in your services charges please click here.  

How do I pay my service charge?

For information about the payment options please click here. You can also log onto the My Account area of the website to check how you currently pay or to set up a direct debit.

For other information about your service charges go to the customer areas for rented customers, shared ownership customers or leasehold or freehold customers.

Why is the amount on my statement not the same as the budget?

We have to set the amount we expect the services to cost based on the information available to us at the time (including what the costs have been previously and what we expect them to be in the future). This is known as a budget and, whilst we try to make these as accurate as possible, the actual costs may be slightly different.

If we spend more than expected there will be an overspend against the budget; this is shown as a shortfall (deficit). If there is an under-spend against the budget this will show as a surplus.