Improvements - when work begins

We use external contractors to carry out major work. These contractors will always carry photo ID. They’ll always tell you before they visit your home, unless it is an emergency. Stay safe: don’t let anyone into your home that you aren’t expecting and who can’t prove they are representing us. Call the Customer Service Centre to check their identification.

Please visit the contractors page to find out who will be sent to your home.

Our contractors sign up to a code of conduct . They agree to uphold our values of honesty, partnership, innovation, respect and excellence. Their behaviour in and around your home is key to the success of our service.

Capital Delivery will arrange and oversee projects. Most major work programmes have the following:

  • a project manager: this person oversees the work
  • a clerk of works: this person supervises the work, checks that it’s of good quality and that you’re happy
  • a resident liaison officer, to keep you informed as work progresses.

These people will introduce themselves at the beginning of a project. It’s unusual for us to carry out major work to just one home. Projects will normally happen across schemes or estates, so staff and contractors are likely to be on site for several weeks.

We’ll inspect all major works when they’re finished. If you’re unhappy at any stage during the work, please contact your Project Manager or resident liaison officer. If you have any issues in the weeks and months after the work has finished, please contact us. We want to hear your opinions and experiences so we can improve future services. You might be asked questions in a telephone or text survey.