Improvements to your home

Orbit is committed to providing comfortable and well-maintained homes for our customers. We invest in them regularly so that they remain efficient and up-to-date. Work to make these improvements is managed by Capital Delivery.

Works which are not repairs to an existing part of your home, but which are an improvement or upgrade, we refer to as ‘investment works’. They are generally carried out as a project which will be undertaken to improve a scheme, a street or a whole community.

Adding value

Sometimes, when carrying out improvements at a scheme, we are able to contribute to a community upgrade initiative whilst we're there.  The communal garden rejuvenation at Mentmore House in Ramsgate was one such project.

  • Investing in your home

    How does Orbit make decisions to improve your home?

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  • Before work begins

    What improvements will be made and what will be happening in my home?

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  • When work starts

    Which contractors will Orbit use and who will be my contact?

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  • Improving your home yourself

    Can I make my own improvements?

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  • Aids and adaptations in your home

    I need some adaptations to my home due to a disability. Can Orbit help?

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  • Managing the costs of running a home

    How is Orbit helping to keep home running costs low?

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Are you about to receive a new kitchen?

If so, we’ve produced a helpful new video to help you understand all of the steps, from start to finish. The video also provides you with some useful tips to help make everything run smoothly while the work is being done. Watch the video below!

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