Aids and Adaptations

Disabled man in wheelchairOrbit aims to help customers live as independently as possible. One of the ways we can do this is by funding certain aids and adaptations to customers’ homes so that they can live more comfortably and maintain their independence for longer.

Because funding for carrying out this work is limited, we have a policy for doing the work so that everyone is treated fairly. This policy clearly defines what aids and adaptations we will fund and manage for our customers to meet their individual needs. It shows how we will effectively deal with requests for adaptations, either directly, or in partnership with the appropriate local authority.




What are minor adaptations?:

We define minor adaptations as works costing less than £1,000 to complete, and which require no significant structural alteration.  These can generally be ordered from and delivered in the same way as a routine repair within 28 days. 

What are major adaptations?

Major adaptations will require assessment by an Occupational Therapist; this is to ensure that Orbit provides, or consents to, adaptations which fit your specific needs.  Requested adaptations will not be considered until Orbit receives this assessment.  Orbit has no influence over the time it will take to arrange and carry out the assessment. Your housing officer will contact you to discuss your overall home situation, to determine if adaptation of your current home is the right choice for you and for Orbit, and we will carry out our own appraisal of your home. Both these processes will be conducted within five working days of Orbit becoming aware of the request for major adaptation, and the results may have an influence on the approval of the work.

Can I arrange my own adaptations?

If you wish to arrange and pay for the work yourself, you must gain Orbit’s written permission before any work begins. Customer Improvements information is available here.

I own my home- what can Orbit do to help me?

If you own your home, we can support you to adapt it to suit your changing needs, by signposting you to local authority schemes and Home Improvement or Care & Repair Agencies who may be able to help.

If you wish to request an aid or adaptation, please contact us by

  • email on 

  • Live Chat at the bottom of the screen

  • telephone on Freephone 0800 678 1221.