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Orbit Group is committed to its communities with 50 years’ experience in the housing sector. As one of the largest housing providers in the country, we manage over 40,000 homes across the midlands, east and south east. Our annual turnover is in excess of £300m and we are one of the largest developers in our sector with a programme of homes for social rent, affordable rent, shared ownership and market sale. 

We employ more than 1,200 people to deliver our mission of Building Communities and we achieve this by working together to improve the social, economic and environmental prospects of people and communities. This mission forms the basis of our 2020 Vision guided by our passions, principles and resources.

Moody's Report

[Update 31 May 2018]

Grenfell Tower update

We can confirm all of our blocks meet current fire safety standards and regulations and all have valid, up-to-date Fire Risk Assessments (FRAs) in place. Please note all FRAs are completed by independent experts and not by internal teams at Orbit.

We have completed visits to all of our blocks, reassuring customers about fire safety.

All of our blocks are compliant with the DCLG requirements; we have been working closely with the DCLG, sharing information as required. Once the ‘Grenfell Tower Inquiry’ has taken place we will review the findings and take action where appropriate.

Financial Results

Please see our latest financial statements below for information on our financial performance across the Group. You can also explore archived statements for previous financial years here.

At Orbit we take Value for Money very seriously. You can find our Value for Money Self Assessments and our Value for Money framework here, explaining how we drive efficiency across Orbit: View Value For Money area

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Further information surrounding our governance and regulation:

Governance rating – G1. The provider meets the requirements on governance set out in the Governance and Financial Viability standard.

Viability Rating – (V2). The provider meets viability requirements and has the financial capacity to deal with a reasonable range of adverse scenarios. (issued November 2017)

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Information around our business plan and all latest reports can be found here.

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