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What's going on

Involvement never stands still. There is always an opportunity to be part of something.

Update from the Involvement team

We are delighted to introduce our offer of opportunities for 2017/18.  Last year we successfully launched a range of new involvement activities including the Task and Finish Groups, Income and Complaints Service Improvement Groups. We increased our number of involved customers and involved customers over more of our service areas. 

New opportunities this year:

  • Customer Insight Panel

Customer involvement is an integral part of our service delivery at Orbit. Your time, contribution, experiences and views are essential to drive service improvement and really make a difference.

Click here to tell us which involvement opportunities you would be interested in taking part in, or learning more about.


What’s happening now?

We have the following consultations happening right now (if there is nothing below there will be soon):


We want you

If you are an Orbit customer we have the following opportunities for you. Click the links to find out more. 

  • Performance Challenge team: @Home or face-to-face activity in Maidstone or Stratford-upon-Avon [find out more]

  • Service Improvement groups: @Home or face-to-face across our areas [find out more]

  • Reader’s Panel: @Home activity [find out more]

  • Customer Insight Panel: @Home or face-to-face [find out more]
  • Customer Inspectors: currently looking at the standards of our homes before they are let [find out more] 


Download our Customer Involvement Offer:

Involvement Offer