Supporting you to be involved

Did you know we offer training? 

We can support you with a range of training to help you become involved and build up or re-fresh your personal skills. Most training will happen either through an activity you are part of or online through our customer focused e-learning courses.  If there is something you feel would help you with your involvement please e-mail us at

Our colleagues in Community Investment can also support you with other skills; including getting online and improving your digital skills as well as building confidence and getting into work no matter how close or far away that is.

Supporting you with reasonable costs

Customers that meet us face-to-face will be offered expenses to cover all reasonable costs including mileage or public transport costs or support to attend. What we cover is listed in our Customer Expenses Guidance.

There are many benefits to being involved

It is really important to us that customers are involved in what we do, have a say on how we deliver services and help us make improvements. By getting involved and volunteering with us you can:

  • Influence decisions and the way we do things
  • Help us provide a better service, making sure that you get the services you need and want, when you want them
  • Make sure you get value for money from the rent and service charges that you pay
  • Help make decisions that affect your neighbourhood
  • Create a better sense of community where you live
  • Have the chance to obtain funding to improve where you live
  • Make a difference and see the results of your involvement in services and your neighbourhood.

Getting involved isn’t just about helping us; it can benefit you too. For example:

  • Improving career options
  • Free training and development courses
  • Assistance in accessing accredited training and obtaining nationally recognised qualifications
  • Discover things that you are really good at
  • Learn new skills
  • Develop transferable skills that can be used in employment
  • Develop your communication skills
  • Improve your confidence and life skills
  • Meet new people from different backgrounds
  • Be able to put your volunteer work on your CV

What do our customers say about us?

Here are a few comments from customers about their experiences of being involved.  

'Orbit staff know their subject areas very well, able to answer any questions thrown at them.' 'Good information given – as in clear, concise and personally easy to grasp.' 'I felt my input was valued.'

Support elsewhere

We are also members of TPAS and the Housing Quality resident Network.  They offer a range of regional events and opportunities and we will share these with you.

You can find out more about TPAS at

Let us know if you would like access to the membership areas and we can arrange this.