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Resources and useful links

To help your involvement, we'll provide access to useful information we hope will spark some interest or increase your knowledge. If you would like to see anything else on this page please contact the Customer Involvement team by emailing

Useful information

Here are some links to reports and information you may find of interest:

Jargon buster - find out what some of the terms and acronyms mean.

TPAS general information on involvement - we are members of TPAS, the 'Tenant Engagement Experts'. They have lots of useful information about involvement and what's happening that affects customers.

Housing news - a link to 24 Housing magazine's website.

HCA standards - we are regulated by the Homes and Communities Agency.  There is a set of ‘economic’ and ‘consumer’ standards we are expected to achieve including ‘Tenant Involvement and Empowerment’.  

A different approach to customer involvement - a report from Family Mosaic.

The National Tenants Organisation and their 'Tenants Leading Change' project.