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Feedback - what we've done

We continually work with our customers to make a difference to the way services are delivered.  Find out more about their achievements on this page.

Recent @Home activities

The Readers’ Panel commented on the recent customer magazine and as a result we made the following changes:

Added details to captions

  1. Changed yellow print on white background to white text on vibrant orange background so its easier to read
  2. Added an article on Shared Ownership following a suggestion about getting on the property ladder
  3. Changed a photo in 'Keeping safe and secure' article
  4. Changed wording to an article on 'Water Safety' so its more readable

Want to read more about what the Readers Panel did last year and the difference they made - click here

Customer Insight Panel

Recent activities include:

  • Increasing involvement of customers in Equality and Diversity.  
  • the perception of customers on Value for money in Orbit - read more here
  • Helping to agree question options for our annual What Matters customer survey
  • Influencing our Customer Promise 

Recent Face-to-Face activities

Customer Involvement Service Improvement Group - we have worked with customers to review the success of the involvement activities from last year and agree our focus for the next 12 months.


To find out how customers helped us make improvements last year in our regions, click the links below

Customer Involvement Update 


Check out how customers across Orbit made a difference last year, how we invested in involvement and what happened as a result.

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