Voluntary Right to Buy Eligibility Checker

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The property is my only home at the point of sale

I am an Orbit tenant named on the property

I have been a public sector tenant (usually a tenant of a council or a housing association) for at least 3 years

I have lived in my current home for at least 12 months

I can confirm I don’t live in sheltered or other housing suitable for elderly or disabled people

I can confirm I don’t have any legal problems with debt

I can confirm I am not subject to an anti-social behaviour order or notice of intent to seek possession for breach of tenancy conditions

I can confirm that I am not eligible for the Preserved Right to Buy or Statutory Right to Buy scheme (i.e. if your home used to be owned by the council, but they sold it to a housing association while you were living in it)

I can confirm I am not a shared ownership tenant

I can confirm I do not have any rent arrears

I can confirm that I live in the Midlands (see list for included Local Authority areas)

Local Authority Areas

Good news! From what you’ve told us, it looks like you could be eligible for the Voluntary Right to Buy scheme. This is not a final decision and we will need to carry out further checks before we can confirm if you are eligible.

Your next step is to check if your property is available for sale under the scheme.

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There is no guarantee you will be able to buy a property under Voluntary Right to Buy.

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Unfortunately, from what you’ve told us, you are not eligible for the Voluntary Right to Buy scheme and will not be able to apply to buy your home.

Here’s some guidance on meeting the eligibility criteria:

In rent arrears? If you are in rent arrears, then you will need to pay these off in full in order to be eligible for Voluntary Right to Buy. You can do this quickly and easily by calling up our Customer Service Centre, or logging in to your My Account.

Not named on the property? If you are applying and you are not named on the property, you may be able to get your name added to the property, and then you will need to prove that you have lived at the property as your only home for at least 12 months before you can join the purchase.

Eligible for Preserved Right to Buy or Statuary Right to Buy? If you are eligible for either PRTB or SRTB, you may be eligible to buy your home under those schemes. You can find out more here.

If you are not happy with this decision, you can contact our Customer Services Centre who will be able to help.

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