POTENTIAL SCAM ALERT! If you receive a phone call advising that your tenancy is up for renewal and asking for personal payment details, please do not give out any information. We would ask that if you receive any suspicious calls claiming to be from Orbit, please call us on 0800 678 1221.


Right to Buy

Council tenants, subject to certain eligibility criteria, will have the right to buy their home at a discount. If you were a secure council tenant at the time your home was sold to Orbit, you may have what is known as the Preserved Right to Buy.

The maximum discount available is £80,900 or £108,000 in London. The discount depends on the number of years you have been living in your current home and whether it is a flat or a house.

Am I eligible?

You may qualify for the Preserved Right to Buy if the following applies:

  • You were a council tenant when your home was sold to Orbit
  • The property is your only or main home
  • You have been a secure tenant for at least 3 years (this does not have to be with the same housing association and can include time spent as a secure tenant of a local authority and the Armed Forces)
  • You don’t live in sheltered or other housing suitable for elderly or disabled people
  • You don’t have any legal problems with debt
  • You don’t have any outstanding possession orders

You can find out more information on the Government’s official Right to Buy website  or speak to one of the Government’s official Right to Buy agents on 0300 123 0913.

How to apply?

Apply online or download an application form.

Email your completed application form to:

Alternatively, you can post the form to: Orbit Homeownership Services, PO Box 6406, Coventry CV3 9NB.