Anti-social Behaviour

Orbit has a strong commitment and outlines our response to dealing with allegations of Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) in our role as a Registered Provider.  Please refer to our Anti-Social Behaviour Policy for further information.

We may not always be the sole or lead organisation involved in managing an ASB case and we will decide if action is possible or necessary on a case by case basis and will be open and transparent in order to manage customer expectations from the outset. In situations where we do not have the powers or tools to tackle the issue, we may if appropriate work in partnership with other organisations, or signpost as necessary.

We consider the following to be types of Anti-social Behaviour that we will manage in our role as the landlord:

  • Arson
  • Assault & Threats of Violence
  • Brothels,
  • Criminal Damage (inc offensive graffiti)
  • Drug Dealing and Use
  • Noise (that is a statutory nuisance)
  • Prostitution
  • Sexual Offences
  • Verbal Abuse / Harassment / Intimidation
  • Weapons (Gun and Knife)

 We do not consider the following to be Anti-social Behaviour that we will deal with:

  • Babies Crying
  • Children Playing
  • Cooking Smells
  • DIY Noise
  • Dog and Cat Fouling
  • Disputes (friends and family)
  • General Living Noise (doors banging, footsteps, etc)
  • Lifestyle clashes
  • Parking Issue
  • Parties (one off)

To report a allegation of ASB please contact us. If the allegation involves a crime please also report this to the Police and provide us with the Crime Reference Number on contact. If you are at immediate risk of harm or can see that someone else is please contact the police on 999.