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Contact Advice Services

To contact the Advice Services Team you can complete our self-referral form, or alternatively you can call 0800 678 1221.

For more information on the services Orbit offer to help our customers please visit our Better Days website.

If you struggle to manage your household bills on your income, have difficulty setting a realistic budget and understanding how much you have coming in and going out then there are several methods you can try to help you feel more in control of your finances.

Completing a simple budget plan is the best way to do this.

You may also want to:

  • Keep a spending diary. Check if what you actually spend matches what you think you spend
  • Use a calendar or diary to note down when payments are due as it may be possible to change payment dates so that they are in line with when you receive your money
  • Shop around for cheaper electricity and gas tariffs
  • Consider getting a water meter installed if you don’t use much water as it means you will only get charged for the water you use.
  • Check if you’re entitled to any benefits by contacting Advice Services for help or using the Turn2Us Benefit calculator


If you still find that you do not have enough to cover all your outgoings then contact the Advice Services team who will be happy to look at your circumstances and try and help you to maximise your income by budgeting correctly.

To contact the Advice Services Team you can complete our self-referral form, or alternatively, you can visit our Contact Us page.