Switching energy suppliers

One of the best ways to save money on your energy bills is simply to switch suppliers. Suppliers are constantly competing with each other to win business, this means there are always good deals to be found! On this page you will find a number of handy hints and tips that will help you switch suppliers and find a good deal.

What do you need to know?

First things first, there are a number of things you should find out before trying to switch:

  • Find out how much you are currently paying and approximately how much energy you use (suppliers are obliged to put this information in your bills and statements)
  • Check to see if you will incur any penalties for cancelling with your current supplier (see the terms and conditions), this will often be the case if you are on a fixed term or fixed price contract
  • Investigate the various tariffs on offer and work out which one would suit you and your circumstances
  • Check out the service levels of the various suppliers, how are they at dealing with complaints? Do they publish there customer satisfaction ratings?

Check out what is on offer

Once you have ‘boned up’ and know what you are looking for use an accredited comparison website to compare the different tariffs on offer from various suppliers all at once. The following comparison sites are Ofgem accredited and offer a telephone service as well as online:

You can also use the following online sites:

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Once you have decided upon a new supplier you will need to do or be aware of the following:

  • Get contact details for both your current and new suppliers so you can get in touch at any point during the process 
  • Inform the new supplier you wish to switch to them, they will then give you a date when the switch will take place (a comparison site will do this for you)
  • Inform your current supplier that you are switching (they may well try to keep you with additional offers)
  • On the day of your switch you will be asked for a meter reading so ensure that you are able to take it
  • Your old supplier will be informed of this reading by the new supplier so they can bill you for the money owed
  • Your new supplier will inform you of the date you contract starts with them
  • If you are in credit at the time you switch make sure you check with you old supplier that you will get your money back.

Remember: You have a cooling off period of 14 days after you decide to switch to change your mind.

Suppliers should work together to ensure a switch can take place smoothly with little or no input from yourself beyond what is outlined above. You will not be disconnected at any point during a switch, if you experience any issues contact your supplier.

Once you have switched

Make sure you pay the final bill from your old supplier, this will be up to the day before the day of switch. After payment is made all payments thereafter should be made to the new supplier.

For more information on how to switch visit the Citizens Advice website.

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