Save energy save money

Our energy mission

We aim to provide warm and affordable places for customers to live now and into the future. We want to help you to:

  • reduce your energy bills
  • reduce your energy use.

How are we doing this?

We are:

  • Green Techbuilding new energy efficient homes and improving existing ones to increase their energy efficiency
  • setting a minimum energy efficiency rating that all homes must reach by 2020
  • training staff to recognise where customers are wasting energy and give advice on how to cut bills
  • investing in energy efficient technology to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and cut carbon emissions
  • working with partners to show customers how to run their homes more efficiently.

We’re committed to helping customers save money by reducing their energy use, for information on the energy saving schemes which are available to you please visit the energy saving schemes page. More information on our work can be found below:

What's Orbit doing?


  • increasing access to energy advice with our Energy Clinic 
  • giving customers SMART meters to help them understand their energy use
  • involving customers in research projects like CoControl to teach them about their energy use and help them save money
  • helping customers who are struggling to pay their energy bills through our Advice Services team.
What can you do?

You can:

  • read the energy saving tips on the Energy Clinic and Advice Services pages
  • ask an Orbit advisor by phone or if they visit your home for advice on saving energy
  • get involved in our energy reduction research projects. To do this contact us
  • attend a community energy saving event. The news feed will have details of events in your area
  • work with your neighbours to reduce energy use by becoming a community energy champion.

Further information

Most of us enjoy the hot weather, but when it’s too hot for too long there are health risks:


Homes that are too warm are becoming more common, especially in newer homes built to be energy efficient and therefore keep more heat in.

The most vulnerable to overheating are the elderly or sick who are more likely to be occupying their homes during the day when it is warmest.

If you feel that your home is too warm please contact us.

Heat waves

If a heat wave hits this summer, make sure the hot weather doesn't harm you or anyone you know.  For further advice on how to keep cool, looking after yourself or looking after very young or elderly people see the NHS website

On moving into your Orbit property we aim to provide you with details of the local area and public transport facilities.

If you have not received this information or would like transport advice please contact us or take a look at your local area page where you can find out lots of information on your local amenities and transport links.