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External Wall Insulation

EWIIf your home has been, or will soon be, fitted with External Wall Insulation (EWI) please follow the care instructions below. These will help keep the EWI in good condition, which in turn ensures your home is well insulated. This will mean you pay less to keep your home warm.

  • Use just water to clean the render, jet washers and chemicals can cause damage
  • You can also use a soft brush to help with the cleaning
  • Ensure leaks onto the render top coat are reported to Orbit so they can be dealt with  to avoid staining
  • Please do not lean heavy items for long periods of time against the EWI, such as paving slabs as this can cause damage and staining
  • Please do not grow climbing plants up the walls with EWI, again this can cause damage and staining
  • EWI2Heavy or repeated impacts, such as from ladders or footballs should also be avoided
  • Please contact Orbit for advice before making any holes in the EWI, such as for hanging baskets, satellite dishes or cable fixings.

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For more information please contact Customer Service Centre on, via our website enquiry form or call 0800 678 1221.