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Anti-social behaviour success stories

Case Study - noise nuisance caused by pets

We receive a high number of dog related complaints ranging from dog fouling, continual barking, unsupervised dogs on estates, aggressive dogs.  This case demonstrates the distress pet noise can have on neighbours and how it can be successfully resolved.

We started to receive complaints from several residents about dogs being left in a property for long periods of time which caused them to bark constantly.  This was causing undue anxiety for neighbours living nearby.

When approaching the owners of the dogs they strongly denied having any pets in their property and advised that the barking was coming from dogs living above them.  Unfortunately, further complaints were received that reported an almost daily occurrence of constant barking and despite letters written to them requesting the behaviour to stop this did not happen.

Following this, the Housing Officer visited the block on a regular basis and managed to capture evidence of the dogs barking and where it was coming from.  Residents affected by the noise were advised to contact the Environmental Health Team within the local authority who also started compiling evidence.  They were warned that if the dogs continued to bark and they found that a statutory nuisance existed they could prosecute following a service of a Noise Abatement Notice and seize the dogs.

This led to the residents admitting to owning several dogs and explaining that, following a family bereavement, the dogs had been left alone for long periods of time and they were finding it difficult to cope. It was agreed that they would work with us to resolve the problems and the RSPCA were contacted in order to provide help and guidance.

They were given support and practical solutions to help stop the behaviour - dog behaviour classes, techniques to reduce barking caused by anxiety separation and plenty of exercise to stop the dogs from getting bored. Two dogs were rehomed in order to give the remaining 2 dogs space to prevent them being disruptive.

We have received no further complaints.

Case Study - vandalism in communal areas

By working in partnership with the Police and Crime Reduction Team we successfully put a stop to the increasing amounts of vandalism on one of our estates.

We were faced with evidence of high level vandalism in our communal areas on a daily basis which included abusive graffiti, smashed glass, broken doors and communal lights and rubbish left in stairwells.  Police were also called on a number of occasions to deal with fights and reports of drug dealing.

This left many residents feeling very unsafe in their own homes.

We carried out a sustained and targeted programme with our partners to bring a close to this behaviour.  Some of which included collating many hours of CCTV evidence to identify perpetrators, along with taking witness statements from residents, shopkeepers, businesses and other agencies working on the estate.  We worked very closely with the local secondary schools to identify youths responsible.  We provided additional security measures to design out Anti-social behaviour on the estate including extra police patrols, high security front and rear entrances, secure by design internal doors and lighting and securing landing floors to prevent drug taking.

We set up ‘hot lines’ to make reporting easier for residents whilst providing joint partnership reassurance visits to them and shopkeepers on the estate.

The work resulted in many perpetrators of crime and Anti-social behaviour being identified and brought to account for their actions.  Drug warrants were carried out which resulted in  successful Possession action  taken and Notices of Seeking Possession served.  It also resulted in ASBOs being awarded at the Magistrates Court along with several Acceptable Behaviour Contracts and a Dispersal Zone put in place for 12 months.

This sent out a strong message and the action greatly reduced the amount of Crime and Anti-social behaviour on this estate, improving the lives of the residents who live there.