Partners and suppliers

Together, we can achieve more…

We believe there’s real value in working in partnership with others. Promoting shared learning and best practice will lead to a more innovative and high-performing organisation and housing sector.

Supplying to us

Our procurement team is responsible for establishing supplier relationships for most goods and services. We work with suppliers to deliver the best possible service at the best possible price. 

Community Investment

By pooling expertise and resources we can better serve customers and fulfil our purpose of Building Communities.

Much of our work will be carried out under specific contract with terms and conditions that have been subject to tender exercises.  For lower value, lower risk, work where such tenders or contract negotiations are not applicable the General Terms and Conditions shall apply.  The Terms and Conditions can be found here.

General Terms and Conditions

Supplying to us

Like most large organisations Orbit has developed and relies upon strong relationships with various partner organisations. Our Procurement Team works tirelessly to ensure we get the best possible service for the best possible price.

So far as we are concerned effective procurement is: the acquisition of works, services and goods, which meet our residents',  service users' and the organisation’s needs, ensuring value for money throughout the life of the product (including disposal) and wherever possible delivering additional social value as a matter of course.

At the same time we understand the value of good relationships with ethical suppliers who deliver excellent service at an acceptable price.  We want to work with the best.

It is about the purchase of all goods, services and works needed to enable Orbit to deliver services to our residents.  This can be anything from pens and paper to major construction projects, therefore how we procure these services this can vary.

For information on tender opportunities please visit our procurement portal.

This website has been designed to give you (suppliers, contractors, consultants, service providers, etc.) the information you need to be able to trade more easily with the Orbit Group. The portal is shared with other registered providers of social housing, increasing suppliers’ access to opportunities on a single registration – just be sure to select ‘all organisations’ when you register.

The site has specific areas as shown below, which enable you to:

  • Self register as prospective supplier
  • Maintain your own profile information
  • Obtain (download) tender documents electronically
  • Upload tender submissions electronically
  • View current and future tendering opportunities
  • View details of awarded contracts
  • View your own historical records.

To use the site, click on the above link. From here you will be able to Register or log into the system.  If you would like any more information on the operation of the site or have difficulties registering, please contact us via or call us on 02476 43 8394

General terms and conditions

Much of our work will be carried out under specific contract with terms and conditions that have been subject to tender exercises.  For lower value, lower risk, work where such tenders or contract negotiations are not applicable the General Terms and Conditions shall apply.  The Terms and Conditions can be found here.

Supplier Management System

Notification for Suppliers

We are introducing a new supplier management system called Proactis.

This new supplier network will help us work efficiently with our contracted suppliers and ensure that we have up-to-date information to comply with legislation. 

Suppliers will be able to create and look after their own account by uploading current documents as and when they expire and amend their company details such as address, bank details, insurances and health and safety information etc.  

Existing suppliers have already been notified of our new system via email and invitations to engage with us on the new system will be sent out within the coming months.

If you have any queries relating to the new system please contact our Procurement team as follows:-

Tel: 02476 43 8394


Proactis -logo

Community Investment

We believe community investment is key to supporting our customers and their communities.   

Our approach to investment aims to achieve the following objectives through our Better Days Programme of offers, opportunities and services:

  • Social – We support communities to become safe and inviting places to live, with activities and amenities that engage everyone. Communities can generate ideas to improve their neighbourhoods through digital and social networks and volunteering.
  • Economic – We work with individuals and the wider community to encourage enterprise, ambition, skills and employment opportunities.
  • Environmental – We promote a better quality of life through our investment in the quality of our homes. We provide homes that are affordable to heat and can be changed as our customers’ needs change throughout their lives.

Our priorities for investing in the community are around four themes:

  • money
  • employment, skills and enterprise
  • well-being
  • digital services

Our ambition is to invest £30 million into our communities by 2020. This includes direct investment and investment through external partners and funding streams.

More information on these programmes can be found on  For more strategic information please contact the Community Investment team.

You can email to get in touch if your organisation would like to discuss working with us.

Delivering social value

In addition to the requirements for including social value in procurement through the Social Value Act (2012), we fundamentally believe in delivering social value.  This is not an add on.  Our supply chain is instrumental in the delivery of our services, but also have unique positions within our delivery chain to really add value to our community programmes. With two publications on how to do this, as well as running seminars to both public services and providers Orbit is a leader in this field.

We believe in making this tangible and meaningful for suppliers as well as our customers.  Too often it is wrapped up in jargon. Information in this area should help describe what we mean, help you think through what you could provide and highlight good practice and those in our supply chain already doing a lot.

Framework for Delivering Social Value