We’ve updated our Privacy Policy that explains how and why we handle, share and use information about you as part of our relationship with you, what your new rights are around how we handle your information, and how to exercise those rights.


Information security and data protection

We’ll process and protect your personal information in line with what’s required from us by law.

For more information on how we handle your personal information please read our Privacy Policy.

The Information Commissioner’s Office website has the details of our data protection registers and more information on Data Protection legislation.

Protecting personal information

Orbit is accredited with the following standards, which underpin our commitment to protecting your personal information:


This international security standard means we have to meet strict criteria for keeping electronic information secure.

Payment card industry- data security standard (PCI-DSS)

This international security standard focuses on the security of your personal credit and debit card payment details.

Stay safe online

It’s important to keep personal information like names, addresses, phone numbers and bank details safe from scams and software that try to obtain them for marketing or fraudulent purposes.

A type of fraud called ‘phishing’ is when an email appears to be from a recognisable source (for example, a bank) but is actually linked to a fraudulent website.

To stay safe online:

  • Don’t open emails or attachments if you doubt they’re safe 
  • Only give your personal information to people you know 
  • Be suspicious of any requests for bank account, credit card or password details 
  • Check the email sender’s address carefully before opening an email 
  • Use the built-in internet browser security and privacy settings to match your needs 
  • Think carefully about information and images posted on social networking sites.

For more guidance, see the Information Commissioner’s Office’s guidance on how to protect your personal information online.

Freedom of Information

The Freedom of Information Act gives people a general right to access information held by or on behalf of public authorities. As a registered housing provider, Orbit is not legally bound by the act, but we do publish information wherever possible as part of our commitment to transparency.