We’ve updated our Privacy Policy that explains how and why we handle, share and use information about you as part of our relationship with you, what your new rights are around how we handle your information, and how to exercise those rights.


Equality and diversity

We’re committed to making equality and diversity part of our organisational culture and 2020 vision. We aim to be fair to everyone and to respond positively to society’s diversity at all times.

This commitment underpins our 2020 Vision and ensures that:

  • all customers are treated with fairness and respect
  • all customers receive a range of quality services, opportunities and homes that meet their needs and aspirations
  • places are created in which people can live and thrive through investment in neighbourhoods
  • customers are given opportunities to allow them to be more effectively involved in the organisation
  • we develop and invest in colleagues, so Orbit is recognised as a great place to work.

For more information on our approach to equality and diversity, please read the policy document.