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What is volunteering like at Brunswick Healthy Living Centre?

With over 50 active volunteers, the Brunswick Hub Living Centre takes volunteering seriously.  Every role contributes to making Brunswick Healthy Living Centre thrive.

Volunteers work in many different roles, helping to deliver a wide range of activities and services.  For example, they have volunteers who help out in their job clubs and computer classes and volunteers are vital in keeping the reception and coffee shop running.

As a volunteer with them you will receive a full induction when you start, and they will ensure you have enough training and guidance to settle in to your role. They make sure you get regular reviews and in addition to support from the worker managing you, the volunteer coordinator is there to help you too. They also aim to make sure you aren’t out of pocket as a result of volunteering for them, so you will be able to claim back reasonable expenses. Once you have settled in as a volunteer, they will be able to provide references for jobs, education or volunteering elsewhere.

What's Involved?

Why do people volunteer?

  • To gain experience

  • To learn new skills

  • To build confidence

  • To enhance your CV

  • To work in a friendly environment

  • To feel part of a team

    Get that feel good factor by working to help your local community. With such a wide variety of opportunities they have on offer, there could be something that is just right for you.

    How to apply + Current Vacancies


    If you want to apply for one of their volunteer opportunities you can download an application form here. If you have any problems downloading or filling in the form they can email or post it to you or you can pick one up from their reception. If you have any questions before you apply please contact their volunteer coordinator for more information.

    If you would like to know more, you can contact our Volunteer Coordinator:

    Wendy Knott on 01926 422123 or email

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Project Goals

To build new confidence

Goal 1

To learn new skills

Goal 2

To feel part of a team

Goal 3

Application Deadline

Be part of something special, join this project
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