Improve your digital skills

Getting connected to the internet is just the start. There are many ways to learn more and improve your digital skills which can help you save money, find training courses or employment, and stay in touch with friends and family.

The resources suggested below can help whether you’re a beginner or want to do more online. They are free and you can learn at your own pace.

Computer basics

Orbit offer free digital skills sessions delivered by tutors in your own home. The At Home Support service is aimed at our customers who find it difficult to get to local computer courses and groups.

Learn My Way offers lots of short online courses and guides covering the essentials of using the internet and how to use different types of computers and devices. You can create a free online account to help save and track your progress.

Digital Unite also provides free quick reference guides.

Disability and accessibility

Many devices have accessibility features built in that can help meet your needs and preferences. There are dedicated services that can help in understanding the features, how to set them up and can offer advice about a wide range of other assistive technology options available.

  • AbilityNet offers phone line support and may be able to arrange a home visit in some areas, phone: 0800 269 545 or 01926 312 847 during office hours
  • Online Today! provides expert support for people with sensory disabilities (such as sight or hearing loss) through phone line support, community training sessions and home support in some locations. Phone: 0303 123 9999
  • AskSARA from the Disabled Living Foundation provides online guidance tailored to meet individual needs through straightforward online questionnaires. The guidance covers a wide range of day to day needs and activities.

In-built features of many devices, such as text to speech, can also help if you find it difficult to read text on screen. The British Dyslexia Association offers useful tips for using built-in features of many devices and suggestions of apps that can also help.

Doing more online

If you want to take your online skills further, try the following sites:

Learn My Way ‘learn more’ offers short online courses and links for activities such as online banking, job hunting online and managing online photos and documents.

Future Learn offers free, open access online courses provided by many leading universities and cultural organisations. There are a wide range of topics with courses lasting anything from two weeks upwards.

Staying safe online

It’s important that everyone knows how to protect their information when using online services. The websites below provide lots of key advice and alerts to help you surf, shop and save online with confidence.

You can find more advice on the Staying safe online page.