Get involved in helping others get online

All of us rely on the help of others when we’re learning new skills and it’s no different with digital skills and using the internet.

If you feel that you could help others get online and improve their digital skills, have a look at the ways you could help:

Helping your family and friends

You may already be helping and encouraging a relative or friend to get online, but it can be difficult to know where to go for the right information to help them learn more. Try the following websites for advice and ideas:

  • My Ageing Parent offers advice about introducing technology to ageing relatives who may never have been online before.
  • Finerday provides a simplified social media interface to help older people with limited online experience get to grips with the essentials of social networking with family and friends.

Helping in your local community

If you’re interested in volunteering, or are already involved with a local community group or charity who are planning to provide online skills support, try the following websites for ideas and opportunities:

  • Orbit's Volunteering section offers lots of ways to get involved through projects supported by Orbit and our community partners.
  • UK Online centres across the country offer digital skills training and access to the internet. If you’re looking for volunteering opportunities, try your local UK Online centre. If you’re involved in a local community organisation, consider registering as a UK Online centre – this can bring benefits such as promotion support, useful guides and materials for learners and access to funding opportunities limited to UK Online centres only.
  • There are also wider volunteering opportunities, including IT and digital skills, available on the Do It website.
  • If you’re helping a local charity or community organisation, the Community How To website provides lots of ideas and examples of how online tools, apps and social media can be used to improve and extend what local organisations can do.