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Value for Money

Value For Money framework

Value for Money statement

A report from Orbit Charitable Trust 

Working with smaller housing associations to create dementia friendly organisations [pdf] 2MB

People and place in social reform
A report from the Institute for Public Policy Research:

Love thy neighbourhood: IPPR report summary

Love thy neighbourhood: Full report on people and place in social reform

Stratford upon Avon travel information

Local travel information for Straford upon Avon

Your social housing in a changing climate - London Climate Change Partnership

Your social housing in a changing climate [pdf] 5MB

Sustainability strategy

Sustainability strategy 2013-15 [doc] 849KB

Orbit East and South's five year review

Orbit East and South's five year review [pdf] 1MB

Digital research

Access all areas, digital inclusion for Orbit customers [pdf] 2MB

Orbit Group Business Plan 2013 - 14

Orbit Business Plan 2013/14 [pdf] 3MB

Orbit Impact 2008-2013

Orbit impact brochure 2008-2013 [pdf] 670KB

UK Housing Associations and Sustainability
A report from the International Housing Partnership 

pdf UK Housing Associations and Sustainability

Orbit Charitable Trust Application Form

pdf  Application Form

 Annual Report

pdf Orbit Group Annual Report 2013 [pdf] 7MB

pdf Orbit Group Annual Report 2012

pdf Orbit Group Annual Report 2011

pdf Orbit Response Annual Report 2010

pdf Customer Service Centre Annual Report 2010

pdf Orbit Group Annual Report 2010

pdf Orbit Annual Report 2009


Resident Annual Reports

pdf Orbit South Summary Annual Report 2013 [pdf] 854KB

pdf Orbit Heart of England Summary Annual Report 2013 [pdf] 661KB

pdf Orbit East Summary Annual Report 2013 [pdf] 675KB

pdf Orbit East Annual Report 2012

pdf Orbit Heart of England Annual Report 2012

pdf Orbit South Annual Report 2012

 Group Business Plan - 2009-2014

pdf Orbit Business Plan 2009-2014

pdf Orbit Group Business Plan Update 2010-11

HCA Affordable Homes Programme 2011-2015

HCA Affordable Homes Programme [xlsx] 2MB

Financial Statements


Orbit Group Financial Summary 2013 [pdf] 9MB      Orbit Group Financial Summary 2013 [pdf] 3MBOrbit Group Financial Summary 2013 [pdf] 3MBfiPDF Orbit Group Financial Summary 2013 [pdf] 3MB 

PDF Financial Statement Orbit Group 2013 [pdf] 543KB 

PDF Financial Statement OHE 2013 [pdf] 436KB 

PDF Financial Statement ONH 2013 [pdf] 69KB 

PDF Financial Statement OS 2013 [pdf] 462KB 

 PDFFinancial Statement OTL 2013 [pdf] 134KB 

PDF Financial Statement OH 2013 [pdf] 114KB  



 PDFOrbit Group Financial Summary 2012

PDF Financial Statement Orbit Group 2012

PDF Financial Statement OHE 2012

PDF Financial Statement ONH 2012 

PDF Financial Statement OS 2012 

PDF Financial Statement OTL 2012 

PDF Financial Statement OH 2012 


pdfFinancial Report Group 2011 

pdf Summary Financial Statement Group 2011

pdf Financial Statement Group 2011

pdf Financial Statement OHE 2011 

pdf Financial Statement ONH 2011

pdf Financial Statement OS 2011

pdf Financial Statement OTL 2011

pdf Financial Statement OH 2011


pdf Financial Statement Group 2010

pdf Financial Statement HOE Care 2010

pdf Financial Statement OHE 2010

pdf Financial Statement ONH 2010

pdf Financial Statement OS 2010

pdf Financial Statement OTL 2010

pdf Financial Statement OH 2010


pdf  Financial Statement Group 2009

pdf  Financial Statement HOE Care 2009

pdf  Financial Statement OHE 2009

pdf  Financial Statement ONH 2009

pdf  Financial Statement OS 2009

pdf  Financial Statement OTL 2009


pdf  Financial Statement Group 2008

pdf  Financial Statement OBHA 2008

pdf  Financial Statement OHA 2008

pdf  Financial Statement ONH 2008

pdf  Financial Statement OS 2008

pdf  Financial Statement OTL 2008    


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