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Future proof? Housing 2020 launch at House of Commons

On 31st October 2012 Orbit launched Housing 2020, a ground-breaking report on the future world to help housing organisations better meet the needs of customers and communities in the long-term.

Orbit asked six of the country’s leading experts to predict what the world could look like in the year 2020. The report of their work was launched at the House of Commons by Teresa Pearce MP and Lord Richard Best.

The expert ‘think pieces’ considered key aspects of the social and economic policy landscape which had the potential to impact significantly on housing business, markets and customers over the next ten years.

Orbit then embarked on series of conversations with customers, staff and stakeholders to get their views on what they felt Orbit should focus on now and in the future.

The Housing 2020 research and response from others will be key in helping Orbit to shape and publish a long-term Vision and business strategy in April 2013.

Liz Potter, Orbit Chair, said: “Although you cannot predict the future, you can you prepare. This has given us an invaluable insight into the world of 2020 which will enable us to not only tailor our services, but also our business approach to survive in the future landscape.

“We are now beginning to explore what our 2020 vision for Orbit should look like. In the future, we will commit to a much broader and deeper product and service offer in the main communities where we work.

“Our goal will be to build and maintain a better, stronger society in the main communities we touch and to counter negative long term social and economic trends.”

By publishing Housing 2020, orbit hopes to help other organisations shape their own futures by using the insight it contains. On 28 November Orbit will also publish a related report ‘Bigger than Business’. This was commissioned with the London School of Economics and involved in-depth interviews with 160 customers, community leaders and staff into Orbit’s role in communities.

You can find a copy of the report here.


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