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Media Centre

The Orbit Group’s Communication Team is responsible for promoting the Group’s achievements to its external stakeholders and the media, while also engaging with staff via internal communication.

The team is responsible for:

  • Publicity and promotion
  • Events, conferences and sponsorship
  • News – both internally and externally
  • Websites and intranet
  • Publications and literature
  • Maintaining the Orbit Group brand
  • Advertising
  • Award submissions

Are you a journalist with an enquiry? We can provide you with a spokesperson or provide official comment to meet your deadline - please contact the relevant person from the list below. Please visit the websites to establish the geographical area for each operating association:

Orbit Group - Frances Herman-Squance, Head of Communications - 02476 438328 (www.orbit.org.uk)

Orbit Group - Laura McManus, Communications Officer - 02476 438336 (www.orbit.org.uk)

Orbit East and Orbit South - Susan Luckhurst, Marketing and Communications Team Manager - 01622 633971 (www.orbitsouth.org.uk) (www.orbiteast.org.uk)

Orbit South - Jodi Knight, Marketing and Communications Manager - 01622 633261 (www.orbitsouth.org.uk)

Orbit East - Helen Tavner, Marketing and Communications Manager - 01603 221925  (www.orbiteast.org.uk)

Orbit Heart of England - Donna Nixon, Marketing and Communications Manager - 01789 404492 (www.orbitheartofengland.org.uk)

Orbit Homes  - Frances Herman-Squance - as above(www.orbithomes.org.uk

Orbit HomeBuy - Clare Baskott, PR and Communications Officer - 07825230700 (www.orbithomebuyagents.co.uk)


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