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Bad Weather Information

Sometimes our repairs service is affected by extreme weather conditions such as the snow and ice that we experienced last year in many parts of the country. This can cause contractors to be delayed as they try to reach our properties within our normal timescales. When there is deep snow and ice lying on roads which the gritting vehicles haven't reached our contractors will be unable to get through until the roads are cleared or as the roads begin to clear journeys will take longer.

Severe Cold

When the weather is very cold it can cause the condensate outlet pipe from some models of condensing boilers to freeze and when this happens the boiler shuts down as a safety feature. If you report this to our Contact Centre we will send a contractor out to try to thaw the pipe but this work may be delayed due to volume of frozen pipes reported. It may be possible for you to thaw the pipe yourself to enable the boiler to restart. The below video shows you how to safely unfreeze a frozen condensate pipe. Only attempt to thaw a pipe accessible at ground level and exercise extreme caution

Visit the Worcester-Bosch Group for further advice on common winter boiler enquiries.

Severe Flooding

Heavy rainfall can cause drains and sewers, streams and rivers to overflow causing immense damage.

Visit the Floodline web site for more information.

Hurricanes, Winds and storms

Strong winds can result in roof tiles and slates being blown off roofs and trees to be blown down.

Contractors cannot repair roofs whilst the wind or storm is still active, and so again our contractors may take longer to complete repairs due to volume of roofing repairs reported in the area and waiting for safe conditions to be able to go up onto the roof safely.

Overheating/Heatwave information

Most of us enjoy the hot weather, but when it’s too hot for too long there are health risks. If a heatwave hits this summer, make sure the hot weather doesn't harm you or anyone you know. For further advice on how to keep cool, looking after yourself or looking after very young or elderly people see the NHS website. 




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