Ending your tenancy

If you want to leave your home, your tenancy agreement requires you to give four full weeks’ notice by completing a form. Your local housing team can send you a copy. The notice period starts from the day your notice is received. The notice period must end on either the first or last day of the tenancy period (that means it will be on either a Sunday or Monday). Please click on the information below to find out more about how to end your tenancy.

What do I have to do to end my tenancy?

To end your tenancy with us you must:

  • give 28 days’ notice in writing 
  • be responsible for rent payments on your home until the end of the notice period 
  • return keys to your local housing team or, where agreed, leave them with scheme staff by 10am on the date you leave
  • return a full set of keys. If you don’t do this, we might charge you for forcing entry to the property and for securing it.

Please contact us if you have any problems returning the keys.

What needs to happen in the event of the death of an Orbit resident?

If you need to let us know that a family member or a friend who has a tenancy with us has died, please contact us and we will make all the necessary arrangements with you or the next of kin. We will discuss with you how to end the tenancy or if appropriate, arranging for the tenancy to be succeeded by a family member.

What happens once Orbit receives the completed notice?

We’ll write to you to confirm the date when your tenancy will end. In some circumstances you’ll receive a termination form which you need to sign and return to us. We might arrange a home visit to inspect your property before you leave. 

What do I need to do before I hand over my keys?

Please make sure you:

  • leave the property clean 
  • remove furniture, carpets and your belongings 
  • empty and clean cupboards, sheds and lofts 
  • leave any fixtures and fittings that belong to us in place
  • don’t leave any rubbish either inside the property or in the garden 
  • fix any repairs or decorations which are your responsibility 
  • pay any outstanding rent 
  • contact the gas/electricity suppliers and have the meters read 
  • tell us if you’ve changed suppliers for gas/electricity (this information will be needed to reconnect the next tenant)
  • contact your telephone company and arrange disconnection 
  • tell your council and water authority to end any liability you have for council tax and water rates 
  • tell the council housing benefit department so that any housing benefit payments are stopped 
  • tell your doctor that you’ve changed address 
  • give us an address where we can contact you once you move.
What will Orbit do before I move out?
  • Our team will answer any questions you have about moving out and offer advice and guidance 
  • We’ll ask you why you’re moving, and how you’ve found the services we offer. Staff will ask these questions even if you’re moving to another Orbit home. That’s because we value your comments and use them to improve services
  • The team might arrange to inspect your home to see whether any repairs need to be completed by you. They will tell you what work you need to do before moving out.

If you don’t carry out the work, we’ll recharge you the cost of completing the repairs after you’ve left.

What will Orbit charge me for if I move out?

Items you could be recharged for include:

  • repairing holes in walls
  • replacing missing light fittings
  • reinstating fittings, e.g. replacing doors you’ve removed.

Please contact your housing team if there’s anything you want to discuss.

What should I do if my move date is delayed?

If your move is delayed for some reason, you can ask your housing team to consider extending your notice period. If we agree, you’ll need to pay any rent or payment due in full. It might not always be possible to extend your notice period. Contractors might already be booked to prepare the property for the next person or that person might be ready to move in. We won’t be able to agree to any delay in either of these cases.